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Apollo Health Products, LLC

About Us

Apollo was founded by doctors and healthcare professionals.

Our Mission

healthcare for all

We provide approachable healthcare for all – allowing people to cure or enhance – when, why, and how they want.

We recognize that we have only one body, yet endless choices that impact our quality of life. Apollo aspires to create a platform that enables smart, personalized decisions around your well-being, because we believe good health greatly contributes to a joyful and fulfilling life.

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Consultations from the best clinicians

Quality and proven solutions for you

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Who We Are

We understand that good health is a journey, not a destination. And we are with you every step of the way.

Sexual health, hair loss and other issues are real and can negatively affect your life. The good news is that through modern treatments, these issues can be far more manageable - or even optional.

We are responsive, engaged, and reliable. We give patients access to a network of hundreds of licensed, qualified clinicians, who prescribe FDA-approved medications in an expeditious manner. We answer your treatment requests in less than 24 hours and happily deliver your prescriptions with free, 2-day shipping. We care about you, your treatment and your overall well-being. No waiting rooms or long lines at the pharmacy. We are discreet. We value your privacy with the same commitment as we do preserving your health.
Apollo Health Products, LLC

Our satisfied clients

My performance returned to normal and beyond. Sildenafil acts fast! Within 45 minutes, you're ready to go. That feeling lasts for 6 hours, so with 1 pill you're ready when they are.

Steve Z

Before taking Sildenafil, I hadn't had that hard of an erection. But now, every time I take the medication, my erection is solid!

Murray T

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Apollo Health Products, LLC

Apollo Health Products, LLC is a patient-first company that provides tailored solutions to common medical problems.


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