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Apollo members enjoy unlimited doctor visits for free with an active prescription on each condition we are treating.

Unfortunately, no. Most health insurers won’t reimburse if they feel your symptoms are part of the “natural” aging process. So, they won’t cover treatments for hair loss or erectile challenges unless they are caused by an underlying medical condition, such as a scalp infection or prostate cancer. But good news! Apollo makes these treatments available at a price that is comparable to most health insurance co-payments, so health insurance isn’t really needed anyway.

We make it easy for you to pause or cancel your prescriptions. Go to your account and select “Subscriptions”, then find the product you’d like to pause or cancel. Select the dropdown menu next to “Active” and choose “Pause” to temporarily stop recurring payments and shipping of your product (you can “Unpause” at any time in the future from this same place). Choose “Cancel” to permanently stop recurring payments and shipping of your product (you will need to start another visit to begin treatment with this product again in the future).

If there’s a mistake on our end, we will make it right. It’s all laid out in our policies. But pharmacies are prohibited by law from accepting returns of prescription medications.

If prescribed, the cost of treatment depends upon the type and amount of medication you receive. Our hair medication prices are listed on the Hair Products page, and ED medication prices can be found on our Sex Products page.

We prescribe and ship a minimum of 90-day supplies for all medications, but you can select a longer period if you’d like (up to one year for Hair products and up to six months for ED products). You will be charged each time that supply is filled and shipped (so if you choose a 90-day supply, you will be billed every 90 days).

No, signatures are not required for the convenience of our members.   

2-3 business days is typical. If a medication is prescribed for you, an Apollo Network Pharmacy will process your order right away, and ship your medications by UPS (or FedEx or USPS) for 2-day delivery. We will make sure you have access to the tracking information, in case there are any delays.

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

Cialis (Tadalafil)

Cialis (generic name Tadalafil) helps men with ED maintain erections. It is formulated in a way to be taken daily if needed. Cialis stays in your system longer (24-36 hours), much longer than most other ED medications, helping you be in the moment longer and have sex whenever you want without timing your dose.

Generic Cialis, or Tadalafil, is the same as Cialis when it comes to its level of effectiveness, active ingredient (tadalafil), and side effects. Since generic is substantially less expensive, Tadalafil is typically chosen over Cialis.

There are various causes for erectile dysfunction. In some cases, ED can be a warning that you might have an underlying cardiovascular health issue. ED can also be caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disease, Parkinson’s disease, sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis, alcoholism, prostate cancer, medicines, a pinched nerve, etc.

In other cases, ED can be a result of psychological problems including anxiety, stress, poor mental health, relationship issues as well as nervousness about having sex.

Tadalafil should be used by men dealing with ED who want to get better erections and maintain them longer.

Men who choose tadalafil enjoy knowing they can take the medication in the morning but know the effect will last 24-36 hours. Tadalafil can take some of the stress out of the timing in taking ED medication.

Tadalafil works by increasing the balance of enzymes needed to maintain an erection. Research has shown that the reported effectiveness of Cialis is 81%. Most men and women prefer tadalafil over other ED treatments due to its longer duration of effect and the fact that they feel more relaxed and able to enjoy more spontaneous sex.

When sexually stimulated, the penis creates nitric oxide and an enzyme that is responsible for getting hard. Just like all PDE5 inhibitors, tadalafil prevents the enzyme from breaking down, resulting in more blood flow in and less blood flow out.

Tadalafil can be used either daily or can be taken as needed.

For daily use, the typical starting dose is 2.5 mg. Your healthcare professional may decide to increase your dose to 5 mg, depending on how your body reacts to tadalafil.

For as-needed use, the starting dose is 10 mg. Again, your doctor may increase your dose to 20 mg or reduce it to 5 mg based on their judgement and your needs.

When taken as recommended, tadalafil can start working in 30-60 minutes, however, in most men, it reaches peak effect two hours after it has been taken. Like other ED drugs, tadalafil should be taken before you plan on having sex, to give it some time to start working.

If you have a more active sex life, tadalafil can also be taken at the same time every day. This way, it will have a longer-lasting effect, helping you have more spontaneous sex without having to plan much ahead.

Take tadalafil orally with water around 30-45 minutes before sexual activity. If you take the medication daily, take it at the same time every day. Do not take tadalafil more than once in 24 hours.

Keep in mind though, for tadalafil to work, sexual stimulation is still needed. The effectiveness of tadalafil is not affected by food consumption. Alcohol can affect your performance and can increase the side effects of the medication.

Numerous clinical trials have shown that tadalafil is a safe and effective medication for treating erectile dysfunction. However, just like with any medication, tadalafil may cause some side effects and react with other medications.

Tadalafil is safe to be taken with other medications unless there is a known interaction.

It is strongly recommended to avoid using tadalafil with medication that can decrease blood pressure, such as alpha-blockers, antihypertensives, nitrates, and riociguat. Combining these medications can cause dangerously low blood pressure.

Moreover, since tadalafil is processed in the liver, it shouldn’t be taken together with medications that alter the function of certain enzymes. CYP3A4 inhibitors, such as certain antibiotics, antifungals, and HIV protease inhibitor drugs, may boost the level of tadalafil in the body. CYP3A4 inducers, such as phenytoin or carbamazepine and the antibiotic rifampin may decrease the effectiveness of this medication.

Tadalafil is available by prescription only. The easiest and most convenient way to get a prescription is with a consultation from an Apollo clinician to determine if tadalafil is the right treatment for you.

Like all medicines, tadalafil can also have side effects. These include indigestion, headache, muscle pain, hot flushes, back pain, and nasal congestion. You don’t have to stop taking tadalafil if you experience some mild side effects as they usually go away on their own. If they do bother you or persist longer than anticipated, you should consult with a healthcare professional. Serious side effects associated with tadalafil are rare. These include chest pains or priapism – a prolonged, painful erection not linked to arousal. If you experience any of these, contact a healthcare professional immediately.

Seek medical help immediately if you’re experiencing signs of an allergic reaction to tadalafil such as hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat. Get urgent help if you have chest pain, nausea, or dizziness during sexual activity.

Viagra (Sildenafil)

Sildenafil medication used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. It is the active ingredient in Viagra, the first oral ED medication approved by the FDA.

Viagra is the brand name of the drug sildenafil, and was the first major erectile dysfunction medication on the market and is made by Pfizer Inc. Sildenafil is essentially the same medication as Viagra.

Men who are looking for a harder erection and shorter refractory period. Also men dealing with erectile dysfunction who want to achieve better erections and feel more confident in the bedroom can all greatly benefit from sildenafil.

You should take Sildenafil orally with water approximately one hour before sexual activity.

Avoid high-fat meals before when using Sildenafil as it will delay the effect of the medication. Alcohol can also impact your ability to get an erection and can increase the side effects of the drug.

Do not take sildenafil more than once a day

Sildenafil starts working after about 30-60 minutes and can last for up to 8 hours. The medication can help you get hard and stay hard if you are sexually aroused. Keep in mind that simply taking the pill will not automatically cause an erection – stimulation is required.

According to numerous clinical trials, sildenafil is considered a safe treatment and effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

However, as with any medication, sildenafil may come with side effects and can react with other medications. It is available by prescription and a healthcare professional can advise if it’s suitable for you.

The recommended dosage for sildenafil is 50 mg. However, speak with a medical provider to determine what dosage is best for you.

You can take sildenafil with other medications if there are no known contraindications.

Don’t take Sildenafil if you’re using a nitrate medicine in any form because the combination can lead to a dangerous drop in your blood pressure. Nitrate can be included in treatment for heart conditions but also in some recreational drugs such as poppers and cocaine.

You should speak to a healthcare professional if you’re using alpha blockers or Riociguat (used to treat pulmonary hypertension). As a rule, speak to a healthcare professional if you have any concerns before taking Sildenafil.

Viagra and sildenafil are available by prescription. A prescription is required and must be issued by a licensed clinician medical provider either in person or online.

Like all medicines, Sildenafil has a few common side effects. These include headaches, nausea and hot flushes (sudden feelings of heat in your upper body).

You don’t have to stop taking the medicine if you experience these side effects if they are mild. However, if they persist you should speak to a healthcare professional.

More serious side effects are rare. These include chest pains or priapism – a prolonged, painful erection not linked to arousal. If you experience more serious side effects, contact a healthcare professional immediately.

Finasteride 1 mg

Finasteride is an FDA-approved oral medication for the treatment of male pattern hair loss in men. Finasteride belongs to a class of drugs known as 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors and is also sold under the brand name Propecia®.

Nearly all hair loss in men results from male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia, and is typically an inherited condition. The natural hair growth cycle weakens and your hair follicles shrink as the condition progresses, causing thinning in your hair. This type of hair loss is related to the production of hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Treatments that inhibit the production of DHT have been shown to slow, stop, or reverse hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia.

Clinical trials of Finasteride showed a significant increase in hair growth in men treated with finasteride compared with placebo in as early as 3 months. After five years of treatment, 90% of men taking Finasteride maintained or increased hair growth. Only 25% of the men taking a placebo maintained or increased hair growth. You can view the entire package insert, including the results of the clinical trials, for more detailed information.

The benefits of Finasteride are only seen in areas of the scalp that are thinning, but where hair is still present.

Some patients begin seeing results within three months, although six months is more typical for most men. Hair growth can continue to improve for 1-2 years of continuous, consistent treatment although some studies indicate the use of finasteride can lead to durable improvements in scalp hair compared to placebo after five years to treatment. It’s important to understand that during the first six months, you may notice some thinning of your existing hair. This is expected and may be due to either (a) the ongoing natural hair loss process, which continues until Finasteride has a chance to reach full effectiveness, or (b) your body shedding older, miniaturized hair from worn-out follicles to make way for newer, healthier hair.

The benefits of Finasteride will diminish significantly once you stop taking the medication. Within 2-6 months after discontinuing treatment, your hair will revert back to what it would have looked like if you had never used the medication.

In the United States, Finasteride is available by prescription only. You will need to be evaluated by a healthcare practitioner to determine if Finasteride is safe and appropriate for you.

No, you should not donate blood while taking Finasteride.

Before taking Finasteride, tell your healthcare provider if you:

  • -have any other medical conditions, including problems with your prostate or liver
  • -have uncontrolled depression and/or anxiety, or if you have ever had suicidal thoughts
  • -take any medicines, including prescription and nonprescription medicines, vitamins, andherbal supplements
If you are not sure whether you should start taking Finasteride 1 mg, talk to your doctor.

Sexual Side Effects

In the first year, decreased libido was seen in 1.8% of men taking Finasteride versus 1.3% of men taking a placebo. Erectile dysfunction was seen in 1.3% of men taking Finasteride versus 0.7% of men taking a placebo. Most reported cases of sexual dysfunction occurred within the first year of starting the medication, but there have been reports of sexual dysfunction that occurred at later points in time. Side effects generally disappeared within a few weeks of stopping the medication. There have been reports of sexual side effects persisting after discontinuation of therapy

Psychological Side Effects

An association between suicidality and psychological adverse events with Finasteride use inyounger men (under age 45) has been reported. This does not mean that Finasteride causes psychological problems, and the exact nature of the association is not well-understood. However, you still should not start Finasteride if you have uncontrolled depression and/or anxiety or if you have ever had suicidal thoughts, especially if you are under the age of 45

A blood test that checks for PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels is used for prostate cancer screening. You should always inform your doctor that you are taking Finasteride, asthis will change how PSA test results are interpreted.Screening using PSA levels isstill effective in men taking Finasteride.

You should talk to your doctor about whether you are a candidate for prostate cancer screening. You may be a candidate if you are over 50, or if you have a sibling or father who has had prostate cancer. You should also see your doctor if you are having any problems urinating, such as a weak stream or pain.

Finasteride is safe to use while trying to conceive. While Finasteride does not affect sperm production in healthy men, there are reports of men on Finasteride with pre-existing low sperm quality that improved after stopping taking the medication. If you have had problems with male infertility and wish to conceive, you should consider waiting to start (or temporarily suspending) Finasteride treatment.

Yes. Finasteride can cause birth defects, and women who are pregnant (or might be or are trying to become pregnant) should not even handle Finasteride.

However, Finasteride therapy is still safe for men whose partners are pregnant. If you and your partner have or are trying to conceive, and you want to be extra careful, wash your hands after taking it.

A very serious allergic reaction to this drug is unlikely, but seek immediate medical attention if it occurs. Symptoms of a serious allergic reaction may include: rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, abnormally low blood pressure, trouble breathing. Stop taking your medication immediately and seek emergency help if you experience any of these effects of an allergic reaction.

Finasteride & Minoxidil Topical Plus+

Finasteride & Minoxidil Topical Plus+ is a topical product that combines four clinically-proven ingredients in a single formulation designed for maximum effect. The easy-to-use spray or drops can help you take on hair loss without the mess

The primary ingredients – Finasteride and Minoxidil – work in two different ways to help prevent further hair loss and regrow hair you already lost. The two other active ingredients – Fluocinolone and Retinoic Acid – work to improve effectiveness and reduce side effects.

While oral finasteride has been shown in numerous clinical trials as an effective hair loss treatment, some men worry about its side effects. Studies suggest that topical finasteride carries a lower risk of systemic side effects, such as sexual dysfunction, since it is applied directly to the scalp.

Men dealing with male pattern baldness who are concerned about the side effects associated with oral finasteride can greatly benefit from using Finasteride & Minoxidil Topical Plus+.

Topical Finasteride 0.1% helps reduce the levels of DHT in the scalp (a hormone that triggers hair loss in men) and prevents more hair from falling out. Topical Minoxidil 6% promotes hair growth by reactivating inactive follicles.

The other two ingredients are Fluocinolone and Retinoic Acid. Fluocinolone is a prescription corticosteroid used to help minimize scalp irritation. Retinoic acid (aka tretinoin), the same ingredient in FDA-approved Retin-A, is a synthetic form of Vitamin A-1. In a number of clinical studies, combining Retinoic Acid with Minoxidil improves hair growth results compared to Minoxidil alone.

This spray covers your hair follicles evenly and makes it easier to manage your hair loss by combining multiple ingredients into a single, convenient product. You save time (and hair!) with just one simple addition to your morning and evening daily routines.

Use this spray once a day to fight hair loss. Using two active ingredients (Finasteride and Minoxidil), this spray is designed to be a no-mess option for treating hair loss topically. Always use your medication as prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Noticable results will not occur immediately. Don’t worry if you don’t see obvious hair regrowth right away. Most men will see results after 3-6 months of continuous use.

Studies have shown that most men tolerate the topical ingredients very well when it comes to treating male pattern baldness.

The use of topical finasteride as a hair loss treatment has not undergone robust clinical trials compared to oral finasteride. Although the medication is applied to the skin rather than taken orally, it may still have a systemic impact. A study conducted in 2018 found that serum dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels decreased while using topical finasteride, an indication the medication can travel through the body. However, systemic side effects typically associated with oral finasteride, such as low libido, were not reported in topical finasteride studies.

The common side effects of topical finasteride were found to be localized to the area of application (the scalp),and include: irritation, itching, a burning sensation, redness and flaking. Most of these side effects are mild and resolve without intervention. The added ingredient, Fluocinolone, is included specifically to minimize these common side effects

Identity Verification

Similar to physical pharmacies, telemedicine law requires us to verify patient identities before prescribing medications. This allows us to verify name and date of birth, for example. If you want access to prescription medications, we have to make sure that you are who you say you are.

Apollo works with Stripe to conduct identity verification online. Stripe builds technology that’s used by millions of companies around the world like Amazon, Google, and Zoom. They help with everything from accepting payments to managing subscriptions to verifying identities.

Stripe helps Apollo confirm your identity by conducting the following checks:

1. Stripe will capture images of the front and back of your government-issued photo ID and review to ensure that the document is authentic. They’ve built an automated identity verification technology that looks for patterns to help determine if an ID document is real or fake. This process is like a bank teller checking your ID document to confirm that it’s real.

2. Stripe will capture photos of your face and review to confirm that the photo ID belongs to you. They’ve built automated identity verification technology that uses distinctive physiological characteristics of your face (known as biometric identifiers) to match the photos of your face with the photo on the ID document. This process is similar to a bank teller confirming that the photo on your ID document is you based on the shape of your nose or eyes—but it’s higher-tech and a more accurate way to identify you as a unique person.

3. Stripe will collect your name, date of birth, and government ID number, and validate that it is real. They will check this information against a global set of databases to confirm that it exists.

Stripe will ask for your consent before collecting and using your information. They will only use your verification data in accordance with the permissions you grant before starting the verification process, and based on their Privacy Policy.

Learn more about how Stripe is storing and handling your data.

Apollo’s Privacy Policy

Before starting the verification process, here’s what you need:

  • A valid government-issued photo ID document. Not a photocopy or a picture of an ID document. Ensure that the ID document is not expired.
  • A device with a camera, if possible, use a mobile device. Cameras on mobile devices typically take higher-quality photos than a webcam.

The quality of the images captured affects success rates dramatically. Below are a few best practices to help ensure that your verification succeeds:

  • Capture a clear image. Make sure that the images are not too dark or bright, and don’t have a glare. Hold steady and allow your camera to focus to avoid blurry photos.
  • Do not block any part of your ID document in the image. Ideally you can lay it flat to take the photo.
  • Do not block any part of your face. Remove sunglasses, masks, or other accessories.
  • Find a location with ambient lighting. Avoid spaces with strong overhead lights that cast a shadow on your face or ID document. Avoid sitting directly in front of a bright light which can wash out your face and add a glare to your ID document.

Your ID may be expired, or maybe the image quality wasn’t so great. Email Apollo customer support at info@apollofor.me for assistance.

If Apollo customer support cannot assist you in successfully navigating the automated Stripe Identity process, a representative will work with you to schedule a live, two-way audio-video conference to validate your identity. This requires a device with a camera (preferably a mobile device), and you will need to show a valid government-issued photo ID document. The conference will be recorded and stored by Apollo.

Both Apollo and Stripe will have access to the information that you submit through the Stripe Identity verification flow. We rely on Stripe to store the verification data collected their verification flow. Stripe uses access controls and security standards that are at least as stringent as those used to handle their own KYC and payments compliance data.

Verification data collected directly by Apollo customer service (i.e., the two-way audio-video conference, above) is stored by Apollo using access controls and security standards at least as stringent as Stripe’s.

Verification data may be shared with Providers for purposes of ensuring regulatory compliance.

If you want access to your identity verification data, all you have to do is ask. We will also delete that data upon request, although we won’t be able to provide Services to you afterwards. We do have to verify your identity beforehand, though.

To request access or delete your verification data, email us at privacy@apollofor.me.

  • Include your full name, email address, and residential address associated with your Services account.
  • State what you want: access, deletion, or both.

You should also contact Stripe as well, since they are holding verification data as an independent controller. You can get in touch with Stripe at privacy@stripe.com.

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